How do you Make Transfers on Fantasy Premier League 2021/22?

When Fantasy Premier League starts we are given unlimited transfers right up until the Gameweek 1 deadline.

Thereafter we are given one free transfer a week. If you save a transfer in any week it is banked and the following week you get two free transfers. You cannot save more than two free transfers, so if you don’t use it you will lose it.

If you have two free transfers and you only use one of those, then the following week you will go back to having two free transfers.  Any transfers made after your allowance of free transfer(s) will incur a four-point hit per transfer.

Making Multiple Transfers in Fantasy Premier League

You can make multiple transfers on any given Gameweek, though each transfer that exceeds the number of free transfers you have available will incur a four point penalty.

For example, let’s imagine you want to make three transfers before the next Gameweek. You’ve saved up two free transfers, which means the first two are “free”. The third, however, will cost you four points. If you then decide to make a fourth, a total of eight points will be deducted.

Equally, if you want to make two transfers but only have one free transfer available, you’ll also be docked four points from next week’s points tally.

Of course, that might be a price worth paying.

Can I get Unlimited Transfers in Fantasy Premier League?

When playing the Wildcard or Free Hit chips, you’ll be given unlimited transfers.

Click here to read more about using your Wildcard.

Click here to read more about using your Free Hit.

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