Mini-Leagues in Fantasy Premier League 2021/22

Mini-leagues in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) are probably what got most of us playing the game in the first place.

Whether it’s between mates, work colleagues or even family, mini-leagues are integral to what makes this game so fun and keeps us coming back season after season.

You can enter up to 25 mini-leagues, both public and private, and they come in two formats – classic and head-to-head.

Joining a public league will place you with managers from across the globe. A private league however can only be accessed via a unique code that is given to the admin (the person who creates the league).

There is no limit on the number of participants in any of the league formats. However, you cannot join or leave head-to-head leagues once the first Gameweek is played.

You can create or join leagues via the ‘Leagues’ tab on the FPL website and follow the instructions.

Classic Leagues in Fantasy Premier League

Classic leagues are your traditional leaderboard type leagues where the manager with the most overall points at the end of the season wins.

The admin is responsible for issuing the league code to other managers. They have the ability to ‘lock’ the league once the desired participants have all entered, and are also able to remove and block other managers from entering their league.


Head-to-head Leagues in Fantasy Premier League

Head-to-head is more akin to the Premier League table. In each Gameweek, you are pitted against another manager from your head-to-head league.

The manager who gets more points in that Gameweek wins. A win earns you three points, a draw leads to one and a loss results in zero.

If by the end of the season there is a tie on head-to-head points, then the overall score is used to determine the winner.



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