The intensive Premier League fixture list over Christmas and New Year can be heavy going for fans to find time to follow both the football and their own families. However, the festive fixture list can have a significant toll also on one of the most embattled members of our society: the fantasy football manager!

As we approach FA cup weekend, many a fantasy football manager up and down the country will be breathing a sigh of relief. Sure, there will be player form and injuries to keep an eye on, but the absence of a deadline or the mad scramble to see if your player really did give an assist to a last minute goal that equally ruined your clean sheet will be welcome for many. Perhaps a good Friday night’s sleep is a possibility without team combinations swirling in your head (and no, I’m not going to make any reference to Friday nights, sex and fantasy football…).

It will be a particularly welcome break after several fixture rounds, double weeks and dilemmas about using wild cards. How managers have managed to fit in doing their teams, watching matches on TV, seeing their families and maybe even going to work is anyone’s guess. Fatigue is surely about to set in and mistakes creeping in (anyone out there miss a deadline in the last few weeks?).

All this leaves one question out there: can things change? How many fantasy football managers would trade in the relative calm this weekend for an equivalent break over Christmas? Well, incredibly, there are petitions out there calling for fans to have more notice of fixture changes. And so it is not impossible to at least wish for a Christmas fantasy football break. How many of you out there (or perhaps, more importantly, your family members!), would favour such a thing? Perhaps the FA Cup would be even more magical at the end of December…

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