In this weekly series of posts, I am going to manage an FPL team using the Hub’s RMT tool. The idea is to help Hub members understand and use it better, as well as road test it in order to improve it over time.

Last week’s results (GW6)

GW6 brought all the Fantasy Premier League thrills and spills one could hope for and the RMT Team emerged with a good result. 77 points scored versus the average of 52 saw a nice rank jump from 839K to 274K. KDB as Vice-Captain brought in the lion share of the points, but returns from TAA, Robertson, Pope, Salah and even Wesley and Rico all helped the team to a solid green arrow.


Elite Manager’s Results

Overall the elite set of managers did pretty well too. An average score of 71 sees them jump in average rank from 1.1M to 666K (median rank 348K).


GW7 RMT Tool Analysis

The Single Transfer option of Zinchenko to Otamendi doesn’t pass our suggested “4-5%” strength guideline for a transfer (Zinchenko discussed further below). But with two free transfers available we don’t want to lose one so that’s certainly viable. The Double Transfer, however, would increase the team’s RMT score by a decent 6% so that is the move I’ve made. Abraham and Lundstram in for Robertson and Wesley.

It’s important to stress I endeavour to keep any personal bias out of the transfer decisions. It feels a tad unusual to lose these two players, especially with both returning last week and having decent fixtures this week. The RMT Tool doesn’t care much for this kind of sentiment though, and in Abraham and Lundstram brings in what are hopefully better options for the team on a whole.


But wait, what about Zinchencko?!

The return of Benjamin Mendy and Zinchenko’s omission from the City squad last weekend has of coursed raised real concerns for the Ukranian as an FPL asset. His RMT rating has dropped significantly. Coupled with Otamendi’s rise the latter is now the go-to option from the City backline and as you can see on The Hub Watchlist features in the current optimised team. The transfer strength between the two is only 1% currently as Zinchecnko’s gametime is not completely busted just yet. However, this transfer is certainly very high on the list for next week.


Wildcard Status and the new “Show My Wildcard” feature

So far 52% of the Elite Managers have used their Wildcard. This current Gameweek (i.e. now) feels like a good week to use it too. I am aiming to wildcard the RMT team once 66% or so of the elite managers have so I am anticipating pulling that particular trigger next week, or prior to GW9 at least. As you can see in the above graphic the RMT Tool now features an option to Show My Wildcard transfers which hopefully will come in handy and give users another perspective on their team.

Team for GW6

Here’s the team for GW6. Bench order is a bit uncertain at the moment and may be tweaked, this is something the RMT Tool can’t really help me with. Captaincy is also out of the tool’s realm, although @FFootballHub’s Twitter poll has guided the team to mostly good effect so far this season. With Salah just edging this week’s poll ahead of Sterling the armband travels to Bramall Lane and it’s pleasing to have the top three candidates after the rollercoaster ride that was GW5. Good luck and any questions on the tool drop me a comment below.





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