In this weekly series of posts, I am going to manage an FPL team using the Hub’s RMT Tool. The idea is to help Hub members understand and use it better, as well as road test it in order to improve it over time.


Last week’s results (GW12)

Another decent week for the team scoring 77 points and moving up from 469K to 201K. Pope, Tomori,  Soyuncu, Salah and Abraham all contributed. Vardy (C) was the cherry on the cake.


Elite Manager’s Results

Our Elite manager sample averaged 70 points and a decent rank climb from 680K to 477K (median rank: 400K to 319K) so generally a good week all round.


GW13 RMT Tool Analysis


Mo Salah to Sadio Mane is the transfer this week. Salah’s injury flag makes the transfer strength a little more convincing but with two free transfers available it’s a simple move based on the algorithm and the transfer guidelines I’m leaning on for this series. I talked last week in more depth about the trend from Salah to Mane over the course of the season as elite managers have gradually moved from one to the other, and last week’s prediction that the balance would eventually tip to Mane was correct.

Moving forward, however, the algorithm is a little uncertain about what happens next. Some movement is predicted away from the City pair Sterling and De Bruyne although nothing major so both remain in the optimised elite manager team which can see over on the Hub’s Watchlist Tool.

Mason Mount is another faller with Anthony Martial replacing him in the optimised team. Behind these though are a trio of players pushing for inclusion; Pulisic, Maddison and Tielemans. All of these players are pretty even in the RMT ratings this week and there’s also, of course, Jose Mourinho’s arrival at Spurs to shake things up. Plus, as you can see from our bank balance and suggested wildcard, we’ve not actually much room to manoeuvre so the second transfer is rolled over and it’ll be interesting to see where things go over the next few Gameweeks.


Wildcard Status

74% of the elite managers have used their first wildcard so just over 1 in 4 still have it to hand. With a possible shake-up of the template on the cards, a WC in the back pocket may come in very useful before long.


Team for GW13

A difficult captain decision this week with Vardy, Mane and Sterling all viable options. Vardy, however, is the clear winner in the @FFootballHub Poll which has pretty accurately mirrored the elite manager’s own preferred pick so far this season. We’d actually expect the results between the three to be closer in reality than the poll but it has served us well enough so far this season. Otherwise, it’s fairly straightforward to pick the team! Good luck and enjoy the football.




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