In this weekly series of posts, I am going to manage an FPL team using the Hub’s RMT tool. The idea is to help Hub members understand and use it better, as well as road test it in order to improve it over time.

Last week’s results (GW5)

GW5 brought us 48 points (average 52) in what was a bruising week for many. The RMT Team fell in overall rank from 531K to 839K. Thankfully last week’s transfers of Mount and Wesley did okay and added to our points tally.


Elite Manager’s Results

An equally damaging gameweek for the set of elite fantasy managers whose collective brilliance power the tool. 49.5 points on average saw a fall in mean rank from GW4’s 860K to 1.1M. 52% captained Sterling, 40% Salah.


GW6 RMT Tool Analysis

Our GW5 double transfer to bring in Mason Mount, in particular, keeps the RMT score very high at 96% – we’re very close to the optimised team. As discussed last week, Haller features prominently amongst the “transfer in” suggestions with Wesley already targeted for a move out (as expected). Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson is the big sell to raise funds.

However, ahead of GW6 no single transfer is recommended, and the double and triple transfers don’t gain us enough to warrant a hit according to the tool (this is something we’ll visualise better in future versions).

Whilst Haller is the chief target this week, looking ahead to GW7 we would expect a large number of transfers for Tammy Abraham and Haller may well be the one to suffer. So we’ll keep our powder dry and look forward to what the next instalment of FPL throws up.



But wait, what about Mount?!

Mason Mount picked up a nasty injury midweek and is yellow-flagged at the time of writing on FPL. The tool has penalised his RMT rating because of this but not sufficiently to dent his worth to the team. Should he get red-flagged before the deadline his rating will take a serious knock and the RMT analysis and transfers suggestions may well differ.

Daniel James would be next in line but he is also yellow-flagged and the tool won’t suggest you sign a flagged player. Currently, Villa’s McGinn is suggested however I doubt this transfer would improve our RMT score enough to warrant it. So it’s very much a wait-and-see approach with the press conferences on Friday. The current decision is to hold on to Mount.


Wildcard Status

As of GW5, 46% of the Elite Managers I track have used their Wildcard and I would guess a further 10% or so to have used theirs this week. I aim to wildcard the RMT team once around 66% of the elite managers have used theirs.


Team for GW6

So, decent enough players at least going into GW6. A lot relies on City and Liverpool but as the best two clubs in the country that can’t be such a bad thing. It is fair to say there is some general unease though currently, with no Aguero the chief concern, nor the likes of Auba and Son. A repeat of GW5 scores could well be enough to force a serious shift in the template.

Sterling takes the armband vs. Watford after topping the @FFootbaHub Twitter Poll. KDB vice based on other polls.



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