Holly Shand is a regular Hub contributor on all things FPL and Footstock. She's been playing Fantasy Premier League for six seasons now, with two top 10k finishes and a further two top 100k finishes. 

With FPL launched for a brand new season, here's my seven tips for a successful FPL season.

As the game grows in popularity, reaching one of those coveted top 10k finishes is becoming increasingly more challenging. With the wealth of information now on offer for fantasy managers, it's strategy where you are most likely to get an edge over your rivals now. Here are my seven tips for a successful FPL season.

1. Balance of Big Hitters

Every season I fall into the same trap of selecting one too many big hitters for Gameweek 1. I can't help seeing my team as a big jigsaw, with a Wishlist in tow and a desire to tick off almost every single element. I must follow my own advice this campaign, and not overdo the number of big hitters in my side. It's my most important tip for the FPL season ahead. It's going to be easier said than done: as I look at my first draft, I've currently signed Kevin de Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, Bruno Fernandes and Timo Werner. In an ideal world, three big hitters should be plenty and allow for greater flexibility using free transfers going forward. If you go too heavy on big hitters, you'll find yourselves stuck when it comes to switching between assets easily. For greater flexibility from the off, I would recommend having two big hitters in midfield and one big striker. However right now, I favour midfielders from Liverpool and the Manchester clubs over any of the high price tag strikers. But, if Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane or Jamie Vardy were to start the season with a bang, a straight swap from Werner would be the most straightforward route to affording them.

2. Key Captaincy Contenders

Tip number two is intrinsically linked to tip number one: during the very early stages of the season, it's important to select the reliable big name players as your captain for the opening gameweeks. For this reason, having two or three big hitters who are reliable captaincy candidates on a weekly basis and reasonably fixture proof, should stand you in good stead. Ownership has to come into those considerations too: at the time of writing, there's a pool of big names dominating the "Team selected by %" metric. Kevin de Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, Timo Werner, Mohammed Salah and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are those with significant ownership from the traditional big six clubs. You would expect those names to dominate the most captained statistics across the opening weeks. Crucially for this pool of players, they all look likely to be on penalties for their respective clubs, which is a hugely influential factor. For me, I'm expecting Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool to be the key teams at the start of the season, regardless of fixtures, so owning a player from each of those sides who you would trust the armband with, is a key strategy.

3. Timing those Transfers

Transfers and points hits are key elements within the game and getting those decisions and more crucially the timing right, can save you points over the course of the season. With the Gameweek deadlines changed to 90 minutes before the deadline, early team news leaks will become a thing of the past. However, I'm still an advocate of making transfers as close to the deadline as possible. Traditionally, press conferences for a standard FPL Gameweek take place up until 5pm UK time on a Friday. For that reason, I usually make my transfers on a Friday evening or Saturday morning ahead of the deadline. That strategy works best as you have a full picture surrounding injuries and availability. This season, more than ever, there will be lots of clubs involved in midweek action in various cup competitions. There are situations when an early transfer is necessary though, particularly when you have exact funds to make your moves. Trying to bank a transfer where possible is very valuable though, as it does allow greater flexibility. Having two free transfers gives you the option of making one, two or three transfers without suffering a significant points hit. I tend to take less than 10 points hit a season, with anything above a -4 a rarity.
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