With 50k up for grabs for the 2020/21 season, former Sky Sports Fantasy Football champion Dan Cox sets out his likely starting XI.

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So just a quick summary of my thoughts and team before we start the season.

It’s been an eventful month or so. The game launched and it felt like forever waiting for the TV fixtures to make a real plan. But once they were published we could get going. There has been a lot of movement and speculated movement to consider. I’d made a team but I always had the worry in the back of my mind that I may have to find a few million to afford Lionel Messi (£13m) if he signed for Manchester City. So I was personally over the moon he’s not moving this season.

I won’t be starting with any Manchester City but I will look to bring in before they play so I fully expect to use two or even three transfers before the overhaul. I wouldn't use more than four with some aiming to use just one or two.

There was more chaos to contend with this week with Tuesday’s TV announcement of more games to be on free-to-air TV. This meant that several games were moved from their original dates. Arsenal v West Ham moves from the Sunday 20th September to Saturday 19th September with Leicester v Burnley has gone the opposite way. This could cause big implications for your original plans especially around captaincy options. Whilst you may have been planning on Aubameyang as captain on the 20th you’ll now have to look elsewhere. It also has a knock on effect for your Saturday captain. Whereas you may have had Bruno Fernandes pencilled in, Aubameyang now looks the most popular option.

Annoyingly Aston Villa v Sheffield United has moved to Monday 21st September and the problem with this is that now Manchester City v Wolves isn’t the first kick off so any hopes of seeing the Manchester City line up before making transfers has gone.

More fixtures were changed yesterday with West Ham v Wolves and Newcastle v Spurs moving from the 26th September to the 27th,then Fulham v Aston Villa moving from September 27th to the 28th. No real major issues here as most days can be covered by an obvious pick.

We are still waiting on the Gameweek 4 fixtures to be announced. They are due today, if they do get released today after this article has been published just go through the games on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of October and make sure you have a captain for each day.

This is the team I’ll likely go with but bear in mind there’s a lot of hours between this article and the first kick off with lots of potential further drama to navigate through! If you don't like it you can switch a few players about and keep the main core. Most of the teams I’ve made have had the same core, it’s just the fillers that change but again with just four weeks until the overhaul it is wise just to keep pace with the rest. As I said on the Podcast, think of this as a marathon, just go the first mile with the pack; it’s later on that you can sprint away and if you just go with the most selected players early you won’t go far wrong. You can’t win it in the first four weeks but a bad start could rule you out of winning it.

Just another note - if you think you can check the Arsenal line up and get on the app I think your going to be in for a surprise. It crashes every year so if I were you I wouldn’t count on be able to access your team on Saturday lunchtime. Finalise it tonight.

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