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Festive Review

The festive double Gameweek was a busy one. I was going to recap all the action but with it being a New Year and all, I thought it best to look forward rather than backwards, especially with how bad 2020 has been. Onwards and upwards right. 

There was so much happening it would be one long article! The injuries to Jannik Vestergaard and Joel Matip were untimely. Ben Chilwell and Reece James’ miraculous recoveries caught many out. Chilwell was thought to be out for a few games so was transferred out of over 27,041 teams from December 21st to 30th - the most by some distance. Reece James was the third most transferred out in this period with 11,785 - with all the Covid issues we are facing we could do without Frank Lampard lying to us. Vestergaard was the second most transferred out with 17,557; again annoyingly we were lead to believe it wasn’t serious and then after kick off on Saturday we find out it’s potentially a four week absence.

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Cancelo has seen a lot of transfers in following his superb attacking displays

The postponement of the Everton v Manchester City game at short notice, again, was really frustrating. This left many of us without a captain pick as most had gone for Kevin De Bruyne. If only we had found out before the first kick off of the day we could have picked someone else, but I’d have probably gone for Zouma and he didn’t start anyway. The Manchester City postponement was seriously unlucky for those that brought in City players. Since December 21st 7,951 teams brought in Ruben Dias, 5,691 for Cancelo and 1,897 for John Stones. This looked even more unlucky when the Manchester City v Chelsea game this weekend looked like being off also - but I think this is going to be ok now. Plus Manchester City v Aston Villa has been pencilled in for January the 20th so that’s a bonus for owners.

I was again further frustrated with the Spurs v Fulham match getting postponed very late on. We can only think about how many goals Harry Kane may have scored v Fulham. He may have only got a two pointer but still this could have implications later on in the season with a backlog of matches causing single game days.

There are just five weeks until the overhaul - February 6th-13th, but there still are six games left for each team, with Manchester City, Manchester United, Burnley and Aston Villa now having seven. Unless they can fit in any of the other postponed matches from this week.

I had a good Christmas fantasy wise - whilst decimating my A team, the B team is doing particularly well so this will now be the main point of focus as it sits in 309th position with 27 transfers left. I feel with a bit of luck that this team could go close to winning, although in all honesty I’d be happy with a third top 50 finish.

Zouma bonus points 

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Zouma is the current top scoring Sky defender

Now Opta feed all the info into Sky for passes and tackles. It has happened a few times that an hour or two after games you’ll notice a player has crept over the magic 60/70 passes. But Sky take the figures at a set time. I blame Opta for being slow. For some reason Sky added Zouma’s points, then took them away, then after a day or two added them back to then take them off again. A real mess. They have to take the stats at a certain time or we wouldn’t get an updated leaderboard until the next day. What was shocking was Bernd Leno’s missing penalty save points. That finally got rectified a couple of days later.

Gameweek 17

We start 2021 straight into Gameweek 17. Luckily it’s just a single gameweek spread over four days and then we have a bit of break so you can have time to take stock and consider all the options.

Gameweek 17 is an easy one in my opinion and again being boring with Bruno Fernandes, Harry Kane, Kevin De Bruyne and then Mohamed Salah easily cover captaincy over the four days. I know it’s dull but sometimes that how it is. People who are chasing or a bit behind will maybe try something different to catch up but most of the time it doesn’t pay off. You could argue the merits of captaining Ruben Dias over De Bruyne or even Jamie Vardy if you own him on Sunday. I just think with the Covid issues you're better off saving transfers. We can have a bit of a think once we know what will happen with the fixtures and any movements. 

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