Hub contributor Shaun Thorpe shares his brilliant Sky Fantasy Football tips and Gameweek 5 analysis. He delves into the data from Gameweek 5 to see who performed, who hit those important bonus tiers and the players who are perhaps creeping under the radar.

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Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5 Review

In this weekly article, I’ll be analysing all the key stats from the weekend’s fixtures. I’ll also identify trends both from fixture runs as well as those teams to potentially target as the season progresses.

It’s about identifying those Sky Fantasy players and teams who are going to perform on a consistent basis either through form or fixtures.

I’ll start by showing which teams received the most points in Gameweek 5 overall. A base points per team will be 22 points (two points per starting XI player) and from a total league perspective the base score is 470 points (440 points from starting XI players and 10 Man of the Match performances).

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5.

Total Points – Gameweek 5


Team Bonus Points – Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5

A total of 982 points were scored over the weekend. This seems to be the average currently in the season but it will be continually monitored throughout the season.

The standout teams were Chelsea and Liverpool once again. Crystal Palace and Wolves entered the top five this week. We can now start to see which teams are giving up the most points over the season in the table below.

Norwich have given up the most (unsurprisingly given the fixtures). Arsenal are also up there after playing Chelsea and Manchester City.

Interestingly, Watford are next given the relatively easy set of teams they have played so far. It could be worth targeting them.

The graph shows us which teams scored the most bonus points over the weekend and where they came from.

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5

Bonus Points Gameweek 5 (FF Stuff)

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5

Bonus Points by Player Gameweek 5 (FF Stuff)

The above data gives us a quick view of who hit the bonus tiers in the Gameweek. We will also keep running totals so we can see which players are those bonus magnets we want in our team (hopefully at reasonable prices).

Meanwhile, the table below will show us (specifically for passes and tackles) which players were just short of the level required.

Bonus Tiers GW5

Player Bonus Points – Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5

As evidenced, Ruben Neves (£8m) was the only player to hit two different bonus tiers. The Portuguese was one I had pre-overhaul.

With the injuries to Adam Webster (£7m) and Dominic Calvert Lewin (£10m),there could be an opportunity to explore a variety of options as replacements.

Bonus Points by Player Season So Far (FF Stuff)

However, if we look at the chart above, it shows us who is performing well overall in all games. Adam Webster (£7m) looks to be injured for a while now, so plenty of managers will be looking elsewhere for their enablers.

Shane Duffy (£6.6m) is bound to be popular given he has hit eight bonus points so far and covers the Brighton v Crystal Palace single game day.

Liam Cooper (£6.9m) also has eight bonus points and now has a favourable run of fixtures. Yet Leeds seem to be running out of defensive partners for him.

Tackles and Passes so Far

Tackle and Passing Bonus Points – Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5

Above shows the top 20 players for the season so far in terms of tackles and passes. A lot of familiar names are on the list, with notable mentions to Marcal who has hit Tier 1 tackles in the last three games.

Several players have hit at least two tackles in every game. Allan, Vladimir Coufal, Oriol Romeu, Tomas Soucek, Wilfred Ndidi and three Brentford assets in Norgaard, Janelt and Canos.

From a passing perspective, there are the usual teams up there with Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and Brighton all doing well.

One that catches the eye is Marc Guehi (£7.2m) at Crystal Palace. He is in and around the passing tier 1 bonus and he would also cover the single game day versus Brighton. With Liverpool up next, it’s best to wait and see first.

With four games played, the best value players are slowly starting to take shape. It is difficult to make too many assumptions but Aaron Cresswell (£8.3m) has been unlucky to just miss out on passing tier 1 on two occasions.

Best Value Picks (points per game per million)

Best Value Players so far – Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 5

The chart above will become more useful over the course of the season. However, it gives us a good way of comparing players at different price points.

It purely takes points scored divided by the games they have played and the value they are in the game.

At this early stage, some players have had one good game and it sways their numbers (Javi Manquillo). Nevertheless, it is already starting to show consistent players we can perhaps target going forward.

Connor Gallagher (£7.3m) and Shane Duffy (£76.6m) are two cheap enablers who look relatively nailed right now.

We can start to also see which teams are the ones to target when it comes to bonus tiers.

Bonus by Opposition

The two tables show how many players have hit at least Tier 1 against each opponent. We can see that neither Manchester team has let their opponents yield a passing bonus yet.

Certain factors sway the stats currently like early red cards in Chelsea’s example versus Liverpool in Gameweek 3. The Blues allowed six players to hit passing tiers. Other than that, only one player has hit a passing tier and two players hit the tackles tier.

The teams who currently seem to yield bonuses are Watford and Newcastle. This is particularly the case with the Hornets who have done it over both bonuses in each game.

Leeds are playing these two teams in the next three games. It could potentially be a good place to look for any transfers. As the season evolves, this table will become more valuable.

Team Updates – Sky Fantasy Football Tips

Team Review GW5

A below average week for me saved by captaincies on Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohammed Salah. Returns from Jose Sa and Ruben Dias added much else to the total with the other seven players scoring six points between them.

Blanks across the midfield aren’t too worrying. James Ward Prowse should tick along all season and Raphinha was selected for the upcoming fixtures as well as an option for the captaincy on Friday.

The only light disappointment could be Sergi Canos. In hindsight, the Spaniard hasn’t provided much from an attacking sense and Brentford’s fixtures take a sharp turn for the worse.

Andreas Christensen is no worry at the moment, rotation was always a risk for a Chelsea defender. Unless he missed three games in a row, just take the rough with the smooth.

The two main issues both relate to injuries. Adam Webster will be an issue for a lot of managers so although it’s frustrating, we have transfers for this very reason.

A more precarious situation is Dominc Calvert Lewin who was pictured in training pre-deadline. It is rumoured he picked up a different injury just before the game and as my only captaincy coverage for the Monday, I was significantly affected by his absence.

I was tempted to bring in Richarlison, Demarai Gray and even flirted with Chris Wood. However, I eventually just held the transfer and looked to bring in a more premium option ahead of Gameweek 6.

In total, 77 points for the Gameweek and a current position of 2493 is a solid enough position to be in. The B team is also doing reasonably well sitting in at 11k.


Sky Fantasy Football Transfer Plans

Webster and Calvert Lewin are the two issues with the latter definitely being offloaded.

Webster may be held until we get more of an update from Graham Potter. I have £2.6m in the bank so if I sell both players which would have £19.6m to play with.

Romelu Lukaku is a definite option. He would team him up with Conor Gallagher or Shane Duffy to cover the single game captaincy.

Alternatively, I may be tempted to invest more money into the defence and go for Patrick Bamford from Leeds (although a triple up seems a touch heavy). I may even get another Chelsea defender or Joel Matip. 

If I get nothing from Canos again, and Webster is confirmed out for a few weeks, I can see me pulling the trigger on three transfers this weekend.

This would involve taking them and Calvert Lewin out. Lukaku and Gallagher would come in which would leave me £8.3m to spend on a defender or midfielder.


Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 6 Fixture Analysis

GW6 Fixtures

Captaincy this week is bound to be a Leeds asset on Friday. I have two of their players in Cooper and Raphinha.

Ultimately, I’ll probably edge towards the attacker as I just feel there will be plenty of goals in that game. This is especially the case given the defensive players missing for Leeds.

On Saturday, I will stick with the pack and go with Salah at home to Palace. For Sunday, my options are Ronaldo away at West Ham, where we will see the team sheets.

I may be tempted to go with Lukaku if I bring him in against a defensively weak Spurs.

Good Luck for Gameweek 6!

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