Former Sky Sports Fantasy Football champion Dan Cox brings us his weekly digest, giving us the highs and lows of his season, rounding up the bonus point beneficiaries, Man of the Match magnets and everything else you need to have a successful fantasy campaign. This week Dan focuses on the first Sky overhaul period.

Sky Fantasy Football - The October Overhaul Guide

The 2020 October overhaul is here and it’s a chance to rip up your team and start again, but just exactly what is the overhaul and why is it so important? 2016/17 Sky Sports Fantasy Football Champion Dan Cox explains all.

The Overhaul

So it’s overhaul time, a chance to essentially pick a brand new team with unlimited transfers. Basically it’s what the FPL mob would call a wildcard but in Sky it’s only permitted during a pre-determined week.  Log in, go to transfers and take everyone out and start again. It won’t deduct any transfers from your remaining transfer count. So if you’ve had a bad start you can now bring in the players who you’ve regretted not having ; or like me shift some that aren’t performing.  Plus you have until the first kick off on Saturday October 17th to keep chopping and changing your team.

Planning Ahead

This is going to be harder than ever with fixtures seemingly being released three weeks at a time and then being moved to allow them to be televised. By now we would have ordinarily had the fixtures taking us up to January. Unfortunately we only have them taking us into the first weekend in November. It’s going to make long term planning practically impossible. There is a fixture list for the next three Gameweeks but I still expect that in future weeks there won’t be five 3pm games on a Saturday, that they will move times with some even get shifted to the Sunday. I also think we’ll end up having two games on a Monday as we have so far this season, with 5.45pm and 8pm kick-offs whilst the 10pm pub closure rules remain in force; I could be wrong but it’s something to think about regardless. Ian discussed this at length on the podcast and has even forecasted some future weeks fixtures. If it goes as Ian anticipates then we could be in for a lot of Friday night games. It’s certainly going to be hard to navigate them. With the three weeks of fixtures we have make sure you have a captain for each day. Some may choose that they don’t want to cover say the Villa v Leeds game but I don’t think the first three rounds are that difficult to get through so I don’t think you should be skipping any days. The single game days are : Friday 23rd Aston Villa v Leeds Friday 30th Wolves v Crystal Palace So Rui Patricio and Stuart Dallas could provide you with a captain on each day and would fit into a long term plan. As mentioned on the podcast, with Leicester, Tottenham and Arsenal in the Europa League this should mean that they will play on Sunday’s or even Monday’s, more often than not. I think it’s safe to say we are going to want at least one player from these three teams.  There are so many things to consider and plan and making sure we have all the captaincy days covered and we are going to have to be flexible and make moves at short notice. Will you try and cover every captaincy day or are you going to avoid the unappealing games if they arise? I always like to have a captain when I can but some of these games might just result in a four point captain, so is it worth it? What is essential is Ian Parrin’s Sky Transfer planning spreadsheet. I couldn’t manage without it. I always get asked how far should you plan ahead; as far as possible is my answer. Definitely as far as the TV schedule goes and I’ll even check each teams fixtures up until the second overhaul. But do bear in mind it’s 25 Premier League rounds until the next one so there really isn’t much point in say avoiding a certain team as their first 4-5 fixtures aren’t great, unless of course you plan to switch players in and out. I’ve also seen a lot of talk about trying to make a team of 11 players from 11 different teams to try and cover yourself when tricky single game days come up. I think this is a really good idea.



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