Hub contributor Shaun Thorpe shares his brilliant Sky Fantasy Football tips and Gameweek 2 analysis. He delves into the data from the opening weekend of fixtures to see who performed, who hit those important bonus tiers and who perhaps is creeping under the radar.

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Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 1 Review

In this weekly article, I’ll be analysing all the key stats from the weekends fixtures as well as identifying trends both from fixture runs as well as those teams to potentially target as the season goes on. It’s about identifying those Sky Fantasy players and teams who are going to perform on a consistent basis either through form or fixtures.

I’ll start by showing at a top level which teams received the most points in Gameweek 1 overall, a base points per team will be 22 points (2 points per starting XI player) and from a total league perspective the base score is 470 points (440 points from starting XI players and 10 Man of the Match performances)

Total Points GW1 (data from FFStuff)

A total of 1007 points were scored over the weekend which seems reasonably high, but something that can be monitored throughout the season. The standout teams were Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester and it will be interesting to see if it is the teams themselves or the opponents they played which caused the biggest totals. Interestingly the top 3 teams have all performed well in the previous 2 seasons as well (Top 5 overall).

With a few more weeks of data, we can also see which teams give up the most points over the course of the season.

The graph below shows us which teams scored the most bonus points over the weekend and also which type of bonus they came from.

Bonus Points GW1 (data from FFStuff)

Two teams stick out from comparing the two sets of data, Manchester United came 5th on most points chart but only scored 5 bonus points (obviously a five goal win will boost the points total) and on the flip side Norwich came 18th on total points but actually got 9 bonus points against Liverpool, so they do have a horrendous next 3 against Man City, Leicester and Arsenal (maybe less so) but if they can hit passing and tackles tiers against Liverpool when the fixtures turn could really be a team to keep an eye on.

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 2

Bonus Points by Player (data from FFStuff)

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 2

Bonus Tiers GW1 (Data from FFHub OPTA Stats)

The above data gives us a quick view of who hit the tiers each week, we will also keep running totals so we can see which players are those bonus magnets we want in our team (hopefully at reasonable prices), but it will also show us (specifically for passes and tackles) which players were just short of the level required.

As we can see Jorginho (£8.3m) and Youri Tielemans (£8.7m) both look great options going forward as both hit Tier 2 for tackles and passes, Chelsea especially look to have picked up where they left off last season. Tomas Soucek (£8.2m) and Sergi Canos (£7.3m) both look like ones to keep an eye on pre overhaul to see if they can maintain their form both hitting Tier 1 shots and Tier 2 tackles, Canos especially could be a great enabler and one who could cover potential single day captaincies.

And finally Marcos Alonso (£7.9m) was the only other player to hit two different bonus tiers, Tier 1 for both shots and tackles. Likely to be a rotation risk but a cheap price for a route into a potentially in demand defence.

Away from those that hit bonus tiers a few notable players just missed out Mason Mount, James Ward-Prowse, Adam Webster and Oriol Romeu all traditionally do well on bonus points and all hit 3 tackles, in Romeu’s case he had 4 at full time but this was later reduced to 3. And those that hit 55 passes Ben White could be one to keep an eye on.

Team Updates – Sky Fantasy Football Tips

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 2

131 points Rank 2215

I took the approach of going with Bruno Fernandes (£11.8m) in one team and without in the other, obviously not expecting the hat trick 1st game, but only the next 2 games will tell how foolish that was, given I also avoided him on FPL (I think I need to understand where deep seated negative bias comes from!).

That aside it was a decent start with my B team scoring 88 points without Bruno. However it was my A team that had me flying high at this early stage on Saturday night. I’m unsure about which player to choose from the Friday night game, wanting three different strikers other than Ivan Toney (£7.9m)  and to get to overhaul with no transfers used I landed on the Brentford keeper David Raya (£6.3m) who rewarded me with a clean sheet and tier 1 saves.

Saturday captaincy was a choice between Mohamed Salah (£11.9m) and Bruno Fernandes (£11.8m) and having settled on Salah, and even though I missed out on five points by going Salah, I am still happy with the selection. Youri Tielemans (£8.7m) returned both tackles and passes Tier 2 bonus and going forward is just a great asset with so many different ways to score. Other than a Danny Ings (£9.1m) last minute penalty and a Chelsea clean sheet, the rest of the team blanked but some were close to bonus tiers so nothing to be too alarmed with.

Sunday consisted just a straight choice between Ruben Dias (£10.6m) and Michail Antonio (£8.8m) and unfortunately I went with what I thought was the safer and more assured points with the Dias passing bonus tiers and potential clean sheet with Antonio maybe getting a goal. In the end I couldn’t have been more wrong but it could have been worse with the penalty miss. Still a finishing total of 131 points is a great start for Gameweek 1.

Transfers – None – Although I may be tempted with no Bruno in the B Team, Salah may become Son on Sunday for a 2 for 1.

Sky Fantasy Football Gameweek 2 Fixture Analysis

GW2 Fixtures

The Sky game (especially pre overhaul) doesn’t lend itself to transfers in for just 1 particular gameweek, however if you have a Gundogan issue and want to transfer him out Youri Tielemans has the form and 2 great games vs West Ham and Norwich coming up and as he plays on Monday could transfer out anyone to get the 2 for 1 on games (maybe even 3 if you captain him)

Captaincies look to be Mo Salah, Bruno Fernandes and then another toss up involving Michail Antonio. Without these players I would be looking at a Manchester City asset, Heung Min Son and Youri Tielemans,

Good Luck for Gameweek 2!

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