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Well, we are here again. The overhaul. A time to make unlimited changes to your side and prepare for the second half of the season. For anyone new to the game this is the last chance you’ll have this season to rip up your team and start again, making countless moves until the first kick off on Saturday 13th February. 

As always the definition of the overhaul from the Sky terms and conditions is : 

The second Overhaul period will begin following the completion of game week 22. It will then run until the start of game week 23, which is currently February 8th-13th 2021.

You will be able to make unlimited transfers during those periods until the first game day deadline. Once the first game day deadline of the week has passed the Overhaul will expire and any additional transfers will come out of your remaining 40-player transfer limit.

There are so many questions and so many different ways to play it. It all depends on your current rank, transfers and what you are trying to do. 

For example I’m 152nd and 224th with 19 transfers left so I can play it safe and hope that my extra transfers helps me to climb the leaderboard. I’ll plan out the first couple of weeks where we have definite fixtures covering every captaincy and I can deal with further games as and when they crop up - delving into my healthy transfer count. I’ve looked at the brilliant Ian Parrin’s fixture predictions and this will also influence a couple of picks as I don’t want to be missing any single game days on the run in. 

I still think I’ll be selecting the most obvious players and by that I mean the ones with the most points and most selected. I suggest you go through the Hub's Sky stats and check the highest point scorers and bonus points earned. Our partner FFstuff has a lot of Sky stats that will also really help so I’d spend a good bit of time on there looking at the bonus points, especially when you can set it to last 6 weeks or so to see the inform players. I’d also suggest going through each Premier League team and writing down the players you’d consider - this will help when it comes to covering a team. I’ll do this to each team and end up with a short list of 30-40 players. 

Bonus Points

sky fantasy stats

Sky OPTA stats for past 6 weeks

Most Selected

Most Selected Pre Overhaul Top 1000 Teams

Bruno Fernandes  97.7%
Ruben Dias 89.5%
Mohamed Salah 86.5%
Joao Cancelo 77.0%
John Stones 73.2%
Jack Grealish 67.1%
Michail Antonio 57.6%
Heung-min Son 56.2%
Stuart Dallas 48%
Emilliano Martinez 45.5%

I can see a lot of these players being in post overhaul teams. Theres no reason why you wouldn’t be selecting Bruno Fernandes and Ruben Dias and I think both will be in 90%+ of teams. I could quite happily field a side with ten of the above.

sky overhaul tips 20/21

Fernandes will likely be a popular Overhaul pick

How many transfers left is a decent amount?


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