The Sky Sports Fantasy Football Overhaul is here and it’s a chance to rip up your team and start again, but just exactly what is the overhaul and why is it so important?  Former Sky Sports Fantasy Football champion and three time top 100 finisher Dan Cox explains all.

The Overhaul

It’s overhaul time, a chance to essentially pick a brand new team with unlimited transfers. Basically it’s what the FPL guys call a wildcard but in Sky it’s only permitted during a set week.

Log in, go to transfers and take everyone out and start again. It won’t deduct any transfers from your remaining transfer count. If you’ve had a good start you can cement that or if you’ve had a bad start you can now bring in the players who you’ve regretted not having – or like me shift some that aren’t performing.

Plus you have until the first kick off on September 11th to keep chopping and changing your team. 

Planning Ahead

There are so many things to consider and plan and making sure you have all the captaincy days covered, especially those potentially unappealing single game days such as Everton v Burnley on September 13th, Newcastle v Leeds on the 17th, Crystal Palace v Brighton on the 27th, let alone the Arsenal double header on 18th and 22nd v Crystal Palace and Aston Villa.

Do you try and cover these games or just ignore them? I always like to have a captain when I can but some of these games might just result in a four point captain, so is it worth it?

An Arsenal player looks necessary to cover a couple of captaincy days so I’d be thinking about bringing someone in.

I doubt you would want a Crystal Palace player - possibly you would have Martinez to cover one of the Arsenal games so maybe you could skip Arsenal v Crystal Palace? The issue is Arsenal aren’t very appealing fantasy wise. Maybe Lacazette or Aubameyang will be an option to bring in for the two games, grab a couple of goals before you move them on.

Sky Fantasy Football Overhaul

Last season we had it fall nicely that we could bring in Rob Holding for two such games and earn 20 points in each as Arsenal kept a clean sheet and he achieved tier two passing. Can Ben White do that this time around? I wouldn’t want an Arsenal player for too long though so a hop on and off seems the best bet.

You may have been thinking about Xhaka - but after his red card and three match ban you won’t be starting with him after the overhaul, and to bring in a player with a ceiling of five points doesn’t really do it for me. If Arsenal have improved then I think Aubameyang or Lacazette could be the ones to have but it's certainly not idea. 

I’ve seen a lot of people mention an Everton player. Dominic Calvert-Lewin could provide you with a captain against Burnley on September 13th and versus Wolves on November 1st. My only issue is do you want to be holding an Everton player for seven games when its already going to be hard enough deciding who to have out of Kane, Salah, Lukaku, Ronaldo or even Antonio?

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