Sorry for the distinct lack of Sky posts from myself recently. Its been a busy few weeks as we’re in the middle of moving house. It also turns out that running a website takes up quite a bit of time… who’d have thought?

Anyway, back to fantasy football. My team has been pretty stagnant in recent outings as it drifts around the hundred mark. I know I should be pleased with what is a decent rank, but I can’t help but see some major mistakes (not owning Aguero when he hauled seven goals in quick succession for a start). The overhaul hasn’t helped much, although I’m forever optimistic of an upturn.


Transfers remaining: 11

Bank: 0

My post-overhaul team included Monreal. Designed to be a fire and forget option for Arsenal’s kind run-in… that turned out well. My replacement Ramsey was also absent at the weekend. A transfer made all the more frustrating as I opted for the Welshmen over Otamendi, who has continued to churn out the points despite tough fixtures.

On the plus side, McCarthy looks a shewed budget purchase as does my Liverpool quartet. I loaded up on Liverpool as they have form and fixtures plus they are one of the few teams not to blank next week. I’ll be hoping they can outgun United as they travel to Old Trafford Saturday in their toughest test yet.

Elsewhere, Valencia notched up an assist as captain on Monday but is likely to make way this weekend. Christensen continues to flatter to deceive. Whilst budget pick van der Hoorn chipped in with a goal. Although I expect most around me already have the Dutch defender given his price point.


Over the next few weeks, there are a few opportunities for canny managers to squeeze in extra days. Bournemouth, in particular, look like a decent option as they play Sunday this week (TOT), in the blank week (WBA) and the Saturday after the blank week (wat). If you have the transfers, you could get three extra games in over a Chelsea player (as an example). I’m tempted, but will probably skip the opportunity as I wouldn’t want any of them long term.

With De Bruyne suddenly not looking like a great armband choice, I may attempt to squeeze one of his teammates in as City square up to Stoke on Monday night. I had planned to ditch Valencia this weekend and Otamendi would make for an obvious straight switch in. Another move I’m contemplating is Kane > Aguero. This offers a nice 2 for 0 and, if Aguero plays well and looks sharp, I could always shift another player (possibly even De Bruyne) when I bring Kane back in.

The risk of bringing in City players is the possibility of rotation and rest for the run in as they look to have sewn up the league. As a result, I’m sitting firmly on the fence, but will be very tempted by at least one of those moves once I see the line up on Monday.

Captaincy polls





Captaincy days have fallen kindly for those with few transfers (hence why I’m considering bringing in extra City players on Monday). Realistically, if you have the main captaincy contenders, only an Arsenal player is needed over the next month or so (partly why I’ll hold onto Ramsey for now). For this week, I’m going for a boring Salah > Kane > De Bruyne (if I don’t bring in Aguero).

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