The game has been launched, you’ve looked at the fixtures and you’ve made a draft team. Maybe you’ve made about 10 draft teams and are now so confused your head hurts.
But let’s just take a bit of time and think of everything and get into the right frame of mind for winning Sky Sports Fantasy Football.

Think like a winner
You have to think like a winner. Let’s start with the team name. Have you ever seen anyone win a competition with a team name like ‘who ate all Depays’ or ‘Neville wears Prada’? come off it.
Depay left United two years ago and Neville retired eight seasons ago.
And if you think ‘inter your mum/sister’ is going to cut it, then think again.
My team name when I won it - ‘The Chosen One’ of course it was - winner from day one.
Just envisage your team being the winning team it’ll need an apt name. No one is going to win 50k with a rubbish team name. So now they’ve added the edit team name maybe you need a rethink. 

Rather than keep editing your team until you have tonnes of drafts let’s make a shortlist of all the players you’d like. The ones who score the goals and keep the clean sheets, the ones who are priced well. The new assets. The sneaky ones you don’t think anyone else will have spotted. Basically, just have a shortlist now and keep an eye on transfers and preseason games. Maybe even making a team on the week the season starts is a good idea? Make it Monday 5th of August with the latest transfer and pre-season news to hand. 

It’s more for me about teams that need covering for a captaincy, than actual players right now. If you keep looking each day and tinkering you’ll just going to get into a muddle with endless teams. And all it takes is one transfer or injury and you’ve basically wasted all that time. No one starts the season with a team they made in July. So just relax and think about a strategy and the fixtures for now. As we get closer to the season and once a few more transfers have been made I’d start to look at creating a starting season team.
For example, I’ve seen a team with Idriss Gueye in it. Well, Senegal are playing in the African Cup of Nations Final on Friday the 19th of July. So he has to be a doubt to start the season. Plus there is rumoured interest from PSG still.
Wilfred Zaha is another one, if they want away Palace man gets his move he becomes more desirable.
Fixtures and captaincy
So I make a grid of all the fixtures as far as the TV games go. This is to ensure you have a captain, and the best captain each day. So this season, first Friday Salah, on the Saturday Aguero and Sunday Aubameyang. You can either try and squeeze all those three in your team or plan to transfer between days. Luckily for you, Ian Parrin has done the hard work for you, so give his sky transfer planner a look on the Hub if you haven’t already. It works out your team value, highlights days when you don’t have a captain and everything else in between.
And what about those tricky single game days. Do you try and get in someone who you hadn’t envisaged? Villa v Everton on Friday 23rd August throws up a dilemma. Even Wolves v Man Utd on Monday 19th may leave you thinking what to do. Surely you won’t want a United player so a Wolves asset it is. I’d try and think what you will do on those days.

So the Overhaul is after Gameweek Four. So will you put a limit on how many transfers you will use by then? One, two, three? Or try not to use any?
I’ve said before I like to segment the season into chunks and allocate myself a transfer budget for each section that I will try and stick to (roughly)

Some other things to note
So the option to set your team to private is now available. This is essential in my view. You don’t want everyone knowing your team or tracking your transfers, and even seeing your captain. This can be done by clicking on the settings button on the app next to the strikers and then clicking to make team private.

Mini leagues
So brillia...

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