This week in Sky Sports Fantasy Football there was 905 points scored. Following Chelsea’s 3-0 win over Bournemouth meant Chelsea scored the most points with 88 while Bournemouth had the lowest with 18 points.

Man of the match

The table below are the Sky man of the matches:

Hazard picks up his second MotM award to become part of the group of three with two awards..

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:

Chelsea and Man City had their usual good week thanks to their possession and passing style, Liverpool struggle with the bonus following a tricky game at Leicester. Huddersfield looks to have put everything into their game at Everton picking up six tackling bonuses.

This gives a seasonal picture below. Chelsea have taken-over Man City’s mantle of bonus kings with more tier 2 passing than any other team has in bonus. Man City and Liverpool players are also high on achieving bonuses.

The bonus awards by position based on the number of appearances is:

Bonus by player

The table of the top players for various bonuses are as follows:

David Luiz has achieved the most bonus points by gaining tier 2 passing bonus in every match with a tackling bonus.

Horizon scanning

The over-haul is now here and think a Chelsea could provide a few gems, based on the number of bonuses they have picked up and currently as a team they have made the most passes with 2,677 (>200 more than Man City and >400 more than Liverpool).

Last season I stayed clear on Hazard because I thought he was too expensive. He is a great player but didn’t get the fantasy points. In terms of bonus he only had three (all shooting), the season before one passing and four shooting. This resulted in Points per match per £m of 0.6 and 0.57 which is fairly low (gold standard is 0.7).

He has already picked up a tier 2 passing and the table below suggests his passes per 90 mins will mean a lot more bonuses this season.

His expected goals as a percentage of the team, over four matches is 18.7%, compared to 15.7% last year. This is slightly distorted due to a penalty, however, I think it could increase as he only played 2.5 matches and not the four.

Based on the limited matches I think Hazard could be a star man this season and would expect him to be in my team post-overhaul.

My team

I’m glad the week is over and I can change my team during the overhaul. I have one player missing in Peltier, but apart from that everybody started their respective matches. The captain choices seemed straight-forward this week with Aguero over Salah on the Saturday. On the Sunday DDG took the armband (Hughes of Watford was the only other possibility).

My defenders were the foundations of my 75 points scored this week DDG 18 (as capt), Walker 16, Rudiger 10 and Mendy 8 points.

So at the overhaul, the team has 338 points with one transfer used and ranked 3,003. Last season I look at the leader and worried it was all over (though overtook them by mid-year). So I’m not concerned about how far behind I am of the current leader.

Obviously, I would rather be in the top 100, but there is always a lot of variance in fantasy games and some players would have used a lot of transfers. For those that read my articles last season, they would have heard me mention a player scoring 0.7 points per match per £m as being a gold standard. I can cover this to weekly and seasonal projections. So for a standard game week with £100m (cost of team) a good score would be 70 points. However, we could expect our captain to be valued at £10m so should pick up an additional 7 points per captain. So in the last week with two captain days, which would mean 14 points giving a total of 84 points in total. I also assume a transfer is worth 10 points.

To convert this to a season 38 weeks x 70 =2,470, assume each GW has 2.5 captain days = 38 x 2.5 x 7 = 665 and 40 transfers worth 10 points each = 400. This gives a grand total of 3,725 (winner last season had 3,400). Moving from 0.7 to 0.65 reduces the total to 3,488, and if the 0.7 was reduced to 0.6 we’d have a total of 3,250

So after adjusting for my transfer, my team is currently on 0.65 points/£m, which gives me more comfort that my position.

Hope you all had a good week and good luck post-overhaul.


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