The overhaul. A much discussed and new addition to the Sky game. After initial scepticism, I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to... erm... overhaul my squad. To start a fresh and use this as a springboard to climb the ranks. A chance to break the template and make ground on your unsuspecting mini-league rivals.

In this members article, I'll be looking at:

  • Overhaul quick facts
  • Six teams with the best post-overhaul fixtures.
  • My 25 man watchlist.
  • Navigating blanks and captaincy.
  • My overhaul team.

The 2nd Overhaul - Quick facts

Before we get going its worth just reminding ourselves exactly what the overhaul is and when we can use it. Here's what Sky has to say:

The second Overhaul period will open after the final match of game week 27 from 8:15pm on the 12th February. The Overhaul with remain open for the whole of game week 28 and up until the first kick off of game week 29 at 12:30pm on the 24th February.

You will be able to make unlimited transfers during those periods until the first game day deadline. Once the first game day deadline of the week has passed the overhaul will expire and any additional transfers will come out of your remaining 40-player transfer limit.

The Best Post Overhaul Fixtures

I have had a long hard look at the fixtures. The teams below are the ones that have the best fixtures until the end of the season.

1. Leicester post-overhaul fixtures: 

STK BOU wba ARS bha NEW bur SOT cry WHU tot

A very tidy run of fixtures for a team that has little distraction outside of the Premier League. Some question marks remain about whether they will put on the flip-flops once they have reached the safety of the 40 point barrier.

Top picks: Vardy, Mahrez, Maguire


2. Everton post-overhaul fixtures: 

wat bur BHA stk MCI LIV swa NEW hud SOT whu

Mixed form over the last few weeks means that the Toffees still have plenty to play for. With great fixtures and playing for a world cup spot, Walcott could be a canny investment.

Top picks: Walcott, Pickford


3. Liverpool post-overhaul fixtures: 

WHU NEW mun WAT cry eve BOU wba STK che BHA

Great fixtures that come with a heavy warning. Klopp has a history in rotation towards the end of the season. With them battling it out in the Champions League, it's a risk to overload. That said, it's likely they will be fighting to the wire for that Champions League spot for next season, so should have plenty to play for.

Top picks: Salah, Firmino, Van Dijk


4. Burnley post-overhaul fixtures: 

SOT EVE whu CHE wba wat LEI stk BHA ars BOU

Burnley's resolute defence has been found wanting in recent outings. But with a favourable run of fixtures still offering great value, I'm likely to have at least one make the cut for my team. Fantasy favourite Pope may well lose his place to the returning Heaton, bringing some uncertainty to a position we would rather not have to think about.

Top picks: Gudmundsson, Mee, Pope


5. Arsenal post-overhaul fixtures: 

MCI bha WAT lei STK SOT new WHU mun BUR hud

Following Man City at home, Arsenal have a very kind run. With plenty to play for and Wenger unlikely to rotate heavily, Arsenal players look to be canny investments.

Top picks: Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Ramsey, Aubameyang, Monreal, Bellerin


6. Swansea post-overhaul fixtures:

bha WHU hud SOT mun wba EVE mci CHE bou STK

The Swans are another team with strong fixtures until the end of the season and offer a couple of value picks especially at the back.

Top picks: Fabianski, Mawson, van der Hoorn


My Sky Fantasy Football Overhaul Watchlist

Overhaul Keeper Watchlist

With Brighton facing a horrible run in, Ryan will have to go. I'm currently leaning towards either