The last game week was average with 954 points. There was not a high scoring team this week, so Man City 2-0 win over Stoke meant they had the most points with 92.  Watford missed a penalty in their 3-0 defeat at Arsenal resulted in a loss and the fewest points this week with 10.

Man of the match

The table below are the Sky man of the matches:

None of the top four picked up awards this week, while Heung-Min, Matic and Silva both picked up back to back awards and now both had five awards and are joint fifth place.

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:

Man City, Liverpool and Huddersfield all dominated their matches, picking up at least seven bonuses. No other team outside the top six picked up more than two bonuses.

The season awards are as follows:

The bonuses by position are as follows, defenders performance was below their normal standard.

Bonus by player

The table of top players by different points and awards is:

Player watch

This week I’m going to look a bit more closely at S.Mounie, who is one of the few players playing this week and appears in my strikers chart:

Mounie 17th in the most points table for strikers and tenth in the points/£m, moving up to fourth based on his points/£m/game. He has started 15 games and made six sub appearances in which he has scored six goals with two assists and three MotM awards. He has also picked up three tier 1 bonuses.

His underlying stats show he has scored 40.0% of the team goals, though had 21.6% of the team’s expected goal (6 v 4.3). He has 6.7% of assists while creating 7.1% of expected (1 v 1.4).  His stats are only just below expectation. He seems to have scored above expectation.

On the key metric of pts/£m/g is an excellent at 0.51, which matches below the gold standard 0.7.

However, if we look at a break-down of his points per week we see:

Mounie has missed several of games during the season and started four of the last five games. His points seem to come in bursts with three stand-out matches. He could be a gamble for a couple of games but to me the evidence suggests he is somebody to avoid.

My teams

My first team continues is a dead team walking with only five transfers left. Having Otamendi as captain brought in 20 points and the others brought a total to 64, so they slipped slightly to 368th place.

My second team demonstrated that some mistake can be good.  I had planned to transfer out Valencia for a Bournemouth striker and then Kane to Otamendi. I forgot to make the first transfer which meant I couldn’t do the second as 5-4-1 is an invalid formation.  I ended up going for D Silva who shone and scored 22 points (shame I had KdB who was my captain). The rest of the team kept their heads down and so in total the team scored 65 points and moved up slightly to 68th.


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