The last game week was the highest scoring week of the season with 1009 points. The highest scorers this week were Crystal Palace with 98 points following their 5-0 win over Leicester, who had the lowest score with seven points.

Man of the match

The table below are the Sky man of the matches:

There were no MotM awards for any of the top players, but Zaha picked up his fifth of the season to joint seventh. Ryan picks up his fourth award to become the highest keeper (one ahead of Pope).

The bonuses

The distribution of bonuses by team this week is:

Man City was again top of the bonus awards, though there seems to be more awards than usual with Swansea being the second highest bonus team.

The season awards are as follows:

The bonuses by position are as follows, both midfielders and strikers positions being below average, while defenders flourished.

Bonus by player

The table of top players by different points and awards is:

Player watch

This week I’m going to look a bit more closely at A.Laporte, as he appears on my usual charts (if lower min games to seven). The standard charts is:

Laporte doesn’t appear in the top 20 for total points or points/£m for defenders. His points/£m/game places him ranked first for defenders.

He has started seven matches, scoring zero goals with zero assists. He has picked up a passing bonus in every game he has played (five being tier 2).

His underlying stats show he has scored 0% of the team goals (in matches he has played), though had 0.3% of the team’s expected goal (0 v 0.1). He has 0% of assists while creating 0.1% of expected (0 v 0.0).  He is scoring around expectation in both goals and assists.

On the key metric of pts/£m/g is an excellent at 0.88, which above the gold standard 0.7.

However, if we look at a break-down of his points per week we see:

Laporte has scored at an impressive 0.88 pts/£m/g, and Man City still have three fixtures remaining two at home (against promoted clubs) and a final away game at Southampton. With a good chance of two clean sheets and consistent passing bonuses making him a very attractive buy.

My teams

The first team is continuing to slip down the rankings with three non-playing players and no transfers. This resulted in a low scoring week of 39 points and slipping to 511th.

The second team is also out of transfers, but only Roberston didn’t play this week. Having Sterling and Kane as captain, gave me a respectable score of 81 points for the week and moved up one place to 43rd.

The second half team also had Sterling and Kane as captains, but also had three clean sheets in defense for a total of 92 points. Two non-playing players meant a ton was out of reach. The team moved up 12 places to 28th.