With a cool £50,000 up for grabs, former winner Dan Cox interviews Hub member Pietro and current no.1 Chris Easby they battle it out for one of the biggest prizes in Fantasy Football.

It’s not just the Premier League that is shaping up to be a two horse race. Whilst there is just two points between Manchester City and Liverpool at the top of the table. It’s almost exactly the same situation in Sky Sports Fantasy Football.

The Top Two

Chris Easby tops the table after Sadio Mane has catapulted him to the summit. He has now overtaken Pietro Santarsiero who has lead for some considerable time now and it’s shaping up to be a real battle for the £50,000 top prize. 

Chris was 75 points behind Pietro in fourth at the Overhaul and has been having a great run of form to overturn the deficit.

With Chris on 2636 and Pietro on 2628 it couldn’t be tighter and I can see many twists and turns in the weeks ahead. 

Chris’s Thoughts

“This has definitely been my best season in Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Two seasons ago I was hovering in the top 20 until Harry Kane thought it would clever to score two hat tricks in a week. The fact I didn’t have him in my side never mind as captain saw me plummet to the depths of 250th. That year I had ran out of transfers and over the last two seasons have learnt to be more frugal and not be rash wasting them chasing points when having a poor game week.

I broke into the top 100 in October and managed to edge my way into the top 10 just before Christmas. 


I felt the overhaul was an ideal opportunity to tweak my side. Being around 80 points behind Pietro at the time I knew it was essential I got it right. After losing hours of sleep and probably making  50 plus drafts I decided to make seven free transfers. The first couple of gameweeks didn’t go too well. Liverpool clean sheets were a massive bonus but captaining Salah wasn’t working out and I wasn’t making up any places. I wasn’t happy with some of the players I had brought in and I was starting to get a little disheartened by it all. 

The Saturday of game week 30 was the turning point for me. After a nightmare day where I had a negative captain pick I ended up making four very rash transfers (against my usual tactic). Which looking back now has got me into the position I’m in. One as Dan previously mentioned was Sterling who I captained last week over Aguero.

Reaching the summit

I don’t think it has quite sunk in that I’m currently in 1st place, it was a massive surprise to see myself at the summit on Sunday night. It’s going to be really hard staying there with nine game weeks to go. I’ve got to know Pietro through Twitter and we’ve said it would be nice if either one of us can win it.

Good luck to the Pietro and the other competitors, there’s a long way to go and it only takes one decent captain pick to propel you into contention as it has me. It’s still wide open and anyone within 100 – 150 points of me could still make a late charge to win it.”


Pietro has been having a great season topping the leaderboard since the start of February, so he knows what he’s doing. He’s also done well in previous seasons with some good finishes. I also caught up with him this week to have a brief chat about the season so far. 

As mentioned Pietro had been leading since February but recent hauls from Sterling and Sadio Mane have been causing him headaches. But he’s hopeful that he can turn his form around.

Pietro’s Thoughts

I’ve hit nothing since the Overhaul and Sterling and Mane have been my nemesis’s in recent weeks, but I’m hopeful that will change soon”

“It’s been a really surreal season having found myself in this once a lifetime position and I’m determine to finish the season strongly – and hopefully become Sky Sports Fantasy Football Champion! 

If not will be delighted for a top three finish, I wish Chris And the rest of the following pack all the best for the remainder of the season.”

Obviously both managers are keeping their teams and transfers remaining close to their chest as the title run in hots up but we here at Sky Sports Fantasy HQ wish both the best and it’s great to see the sportsmanship on show from both men. And we’d be happy to see either win as they are both great guys. 

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