Telegraphing to readers the weeks most promising players, taking into consideration: the value, the underlying tactics, upcoming fixtures, coupled with a brief description as to why I believe the addition will be beneficial to your team. Unearthing these components will help you maximise the quality of each addition you make to your squad. This series will also cast light on the shortcomings of FF players, supplying that knowledge will essentially help you avoid the common pitfalls that so often capture FF competitors. This is not the inerrant word of FF but hopefully some applicable knowledge, that will catapult you up your respective FF league table.

Defender: Davinson Sanchez

Ever since he arrived in the Premier League the Spurs defender has been sublime, almost encouraging attackers to knock the ball past he so he can ultimately race them to the ball demonstrating the natural pace he possesses. Sanchez is accompanied by experienced defenders around him leading to visible improvements with each passing game. Menacing and unrelenting this strapping Columbia prodigy has all the qualities to become one of the best centre-backs in the world, snap him up if you haven’t done so already.

Fixtures: United (FA Cup), Watford, West Brom.

Value: 3.6m one of the most underrated players on FF.

Underlying tactics: Tottenham play a pressing game, squeezing teams into submission, Sanchez playing style is certainly complementary to that system and Pochettino has expressed a vast amount of trust in someone so young, catching the eye of many this season and for good reason. His inclusion wouldn’t be a leap of faith, as the totality of his FF score is right up there with players of double his value.

Midfielder: Mohamed Salah

With personal accolades up for grabs, I’ve narrowed my focus to individuals rather than teams, that way the most in-form, talented and incentivised players are representing your FF team. Since landing in England Salah has ignited the footballing sphere with his laser-like finishing, his unfettered pressing, and all-around affable personality; leading to messiah-like treatment from the Liverpool faithful. Salah is on the cusp of achieving something that is truly unprecedented, he’s already surpassed notable landmarks such as, first African player to score 30 goals in the Premier League, the third Liverpool player to score 40 in a single season and the first player to reach 30 goals across Europes top five leagues. Salah may very well be already firmly rooted within your team, if he’s not, stop being silly and include him!

Fixtures: West Brom, Roma and Stoke City.

Value: 11.3m comfortably the most expensive player in FF. You simply cannot do without.

Underlying tactics: Briskly squaring up defenders to embarking on deeply penetrative runs Salah is a major problem for any defender hapless enough to face him, his goals and assists speak for themselves.

Striker: Harry Kane

With the Premier League title going the way of Manchester City, even the most optimistic Chelsea fan would agree that the top 4 will likely go unchanged. The battle for Premier League top goal scorer has leaped-frogged up the list of football fans priorities, especially if your star man is in the running. Kane and aforementioned Salah are both vying for the title of ‘Premier League top goal-scorer’, somehow slipping under the radar Kane has been less of a media focus than Salah, but Kane is just 4 goals off Salah with 4 games remaining for both Liverpool and Tottenham. Kane has won the golden boot 2 years running being the last player to do that since Van Persie in 2013 and will not want to let that streak extinguish – therefore highly incentivised.

Fixtures: Manchester United (FA cup, so not applicable to all FF hosts), Watford, West Brom.

Value: 9.9m

Underlying tactics: Teammates will look to slip Kane through at any sight of an opportunity given his situation.

The Punt: Wilfried Zaha

Occasional forays of potential have been exhibited but in modest amounts, leading to more questions then answers. It seems this is a figment of the past as a invigorated Zaha looks a completely different player from the one who rose and ultimately fell at United. Arguably the best player outside the top 6, Zaha, on his day, is a formidable talent. Pacey, unpredictable and never short of ideas Zaha is the nightmare opponent for Premier League defenders. Over the years the rubric for wide players has shifted enormously, goals must be a consistent component of a wide players game. Zaha has proven he has the intuition and skill to cause major problems even towards to most resolute defences.

Fixtures: Watford, Leicester, Stoke

Value: 4.2m definitely a punt at this price, but valued highly by The Sun Dream Team analytics as his GW rank is 1st all indicators are flashing.

Underlying tactics: Series of competitive games are on the cards, games where game winners shine, I believe Zaha will do just that.

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