Serial top 100 challenger @DreamteamRating shares his Sun Dreamteam strategy and tips exclusively for Fantasy Football Hub members. Gary has had plenty of Dreamteam success in cash mini leagues over the years culminating in a very impressive 10th placed finish in the recent 2019/20 season. Every month he updates on the previous months highs and lows and looks forward to maximising the following month's matches.   

Crazy Start To The Season

Well, I can honestly say this is the craziest start to the season I have ever known. Whether it is due to no crowds I'm not sure, but there have been some unbelievable results with so many goals scored by a very wide selection of players. Where do we go from here you may ask? Here’s what I think...

Keep building budget

The road to success in this game for me is still to grow your budget as much as possible so you can get in what ever players you would like later down the line. If you can get an extra couple of million in the bank against other members of your mini leagues you will be in a great position to move forward over the season.

A front three of Salah Sterling and Kane, if all fit, in my opinion is the best trio we have at the moment.; the problem is they are very expensive players. If you have built yourself a budget around the £52 million mark you may be able to get these in now and still have a well-rounded side. With European football now starting this month I believe having these three are the best way forward.

Do not panic if you haven’t built such a large budget. There are other options for me with Werner still a great option as with Pulisic and Ziyech now being fit again, I believe he will start to play as an out and out centre forward and will thrive from the midfield talent behind him.

sun fantasy tips

Werner can be a good Dreamteam option going into October's fixtures

With the above midfielders now being fit, alongside Havertz, Chelsea will in my opinion become a much stronger force going forward and could really score heavily against some lesser sides. My tip for the moment is to get on board Chelsea assets once their front 4 are all playing regularly.

Many will be thinking about dropping Werner but for me this is very dangerous and if you have a lower budget I would advise keeping him as stated above, they should improve drastically.

What to do about Everton assets

Everton have been the stand-out team for me this season going forward, with Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison thriving off the support of Rodriguez behind them. The problem is now they have no European football, so this month alone will be playing three games less than the teams in Europe. This for me means it’s time to say goodbye to them and look for players with the maximum number of games. This obviously is the same advice I would give if you have other players that are not in European competitions although many will have block defences that do not have the extra game, so you may have to keep two or three players in your teams from non-European playing teams.

sun dreamteam advice

Time to say goodbye to Calvert-Lewin?

Tottenham front line

This is an awkward one as with Spurs competing in the Europa league instead of Champions League, I believe they will not play their big-name strikers much in the group stages. Gareth Bale looks to be very near fitness now and may get a run out in an early Europa game to try and help his fitness along but I cannot personally see Kane playing much in the early games with possibly Son getting the nod ahead of him. Although Bale is lacking game time, I actually think he will have a very decent season at Tottenham and his price doesn’t seem too bad for me. Keep him in mind for once he gains full match fitness.

Liverpool Defence


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