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Like any hobby, if you want to get better you can be taught by those more experienced. We are delighted to announce that we now offer this service for fantasy football enthusiasts. Lead by Richard Clarke (Regular contributor of our ‘Vet’ series of strategy articles), we have some of the very best coaches with highly impressive records across all the main game formats. Richard himself has 7 top 10ks and 2 top 500 finishes in FPL.

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What is on offer?

We are offering the following subscription service to “premium + team review” members for the 2021/22 season:

  • Access to fantasy football strategy advice from one of our experienced coaches with a proven track record of fantasy football success. Our coaches and contributors are passionate about the game and have many years of top-level ranking achievement across each version of the game
  • A personalised review of your team/squad and a written (e-mail) assessment offering you advice on options for success
  • Each membership upgrade entitles you to up to three reviews per season – to be taken when you need them! Depending on uptake we may extend this offering.
  • Going beyond the normal levels of tips & information to focus on your fantasy team and your goals and specific questions
  • A detailed review of your performance so far; ranking, initial set-up & play patterns, transfer/chip strategy and a key mid-season league position to set you up for your best finish!
  • Advice on your strategy for the immediate and medium term, taking account of upcoming fixtures, player form, Chips etc.


What game formats are you covering?

We are covering the four most popular forms of the game initially – FPL, Sky, Telegraph and Sun Dreamteam and will assign our coach according to their experience and expertise in the game you want to focus on


How much does it cost?

Full pricing and further details can be found here. We are currently offering a 10% discount on your first payment, simply use coupon code REVIEW when you checkout.


Am I guaranteed results?

We do also recognise there is an element of luck in fantasy sports and so do not guarantee results. Our coaches will, however, apply their experience and help you to consider the right information and make sound decisions at the key moment.


I’m not yet a member, what else is included?

This is our highest tier of membership, so you’ll also get all of the following included

  • OPTA Stats (NEW)
  • Entry into £5,000 league (NEW)
  • Members Slack Channel (NEW)
  • Ben Crellin’s Planner
  • Team Reveals from top-ranked players
  • 100 + membership articles a year
  • How to win at FPL Video series (NEW)
  • Player comparison tool
  • FPL Watchlist Tool
  • FPL RMT tool
  • Advanced Fixture Ticker
  • All our guides, resources & planners
  • Access to the secret premium members only FPL & Sky Game Whatsapp groups
Sign up for our ULTRA membership to gain access to the team review service

View all plans and register here

I’m already a member, how do I upgrade?

You can upgrade here.

Your current payments and membership level will be factored into the new subscription. As an example, if you paid £39.99 for the premium tier, this payment will be put towards the upgrade (factoring in how many days you’ve already used).


Have another question?

We are looking to learn ourselves in this area and develop and tune a service that we hope our members will value and give us feedback on. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below