Telegraph Fantasy Football Tips | Telegraph Fantasy Premier League 2019/2020

Telegraph Fantasy Football Tips | Telegraph Fantasy Premier League 2019/2020
Telegraph Fantasy Football is a seasonal fantasy game just like most of the other popular ones such as FPL, and Sky Fantasy Football. However, it has a few unique differences which set it aside from the rest of the pack. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about mastering this game with help from our experts, tools and community channels.


Summary of main differences in Telegraph Fantasy Football

  • No captains
  • No substitutes
  • No prices changes
  • In-play transfers
  • Points are scored for Premier League and FA Cup games.

Above are the main differences you will find compared to other popular games. These will be expanded on below.


Team creation in Telegraph Fantasy Football

In the Telegraph Fantasy Football game you actually only start off with a budget of £50m and you pick 11 players only. In FPL you get a £100m budget which you spend on 15 players and in Sky your starting budget is also £100m but like Telegraph Fantasy its 11 players. These are your staple 11 and there are no subs.

You may be thinking it will be impossible to pick a decent team with £50m even for 11 players but the prices actually reflect the budget bar the GK/defenders who are really overpriced. For example

Salah: FPL – £12.5m, Sky – £12.2m and TFF – £7.0m

Aubameyang: FPL – £11m, Sky – £11.7m and TFF £6.8m

Allison: FPL – £6m. Sky – £8m and TFF – £4.4m

Maguire: FPL £5.5m, Sky: £8.9m and TFF – £3.7m

You can choose up to six different formations in TFF for your team: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1 and 5-3-2.

Telegraph fantasy football team tips


Transfers in Telegraph Fantasy Football

Okay, so the transfers in Telegraph fantasy football are completely different from FPL but quite similar to Sky Fantasy. You start with 40 transfers (just like in the Sky game). It’s up to you how and when you use these as there is no -4 or penalty for using more than one transfer per Gameweek for example, however, you cannot use more than five in one Gameweek (again similar to Sky Fantasy Football). Also, there are no chips or wildcard like in the FPL game. It’s quite a simple game really when it comes to the mechanics compared to others, more for the purist.

Now another difference that makes TFF quite unique to the rest more than anything is that you can make transfers in the middle of the Gameweek if there are at least two hours in between kick-off times. For example:

12.45 kick off: Liverpool vs Everton (you can have Mane in this game and he will score you points)

15:00 kick-off: Man City vs Norwich (you can transfer Mane out for Sterling and also gain Sterlings points)

The deadlines for the transfers are up until the kick-off of the match so team news is available before you make the transfer. Also, there are no price changes in this game. The aforementioned two rules are my favourite things about this game personally. Anything that makes the game more skewed towards skill rather than luck.

For a more detailed breakdown of how to play Telegraph Fantasy Football have read of our How to Play TFF Guide’ written by Andrew Ferguson who finished in the top 100 in both TFF and Sky Fantasy last year. (2018-19)


Telegraph Fantasy Football Prizes

This season there is £15,000 up for grabs. Break down below:

Overall league

The Winner: £10,000

Runner up: £250

3rd: £100

4th: £50

Wooden Spoon: £50


Monthly and Weekly Prizes

There is also £200 up for grabs each month for the monthly top scorer and for each Gameweek winner a £50 prize. So even if you haven’t registered for Telegraph Fantasy Football this season you can still make a team and compete for the monthly and weekly prizes.

There are a few other special leagues also which have cash prizes which can be seen below. As you can see there are plenty of ways to win cash so no need to give up if you are out of the running for the overall league.


Telegraph Fantasy Premier League tips and advice

To win Telegraph Fantasy Football requires meticulous planning and research. Due to the fact that we can make transfers during the Gameweek and points are also scored for FA Cup games this will require more planning and a different approach to other fantasy football games. Don’t fret though we have exactly what you need to master this game effectively and efficiently and have a great chance to win some cash.

Firstly read our ‘How to Win at TFF Guide’’. Again put together by TFF expert Andrew Ferguson this is an extensive guide on everything you need to know about how to win the game. From winning formation and team structure to player values and 3 for 1 strategies etc. As mentioned above the price values are unique and will take a bit of getting used to especially if you currently play other fantasy games so this guide will cover that for you too.

Secondly, you will need the ‘TFF Planner’’ as it will be tailored to incorporate Premier League and FA Cup games. It’s an extremely easy and intuitive tool to use. It is regularly updated as the fixtures are announced or changed so pretty much does all the work for you in terms of planning.

Platforms to discuss TFF

If you are new to Telegraph Fantasy Football or a seasoned manager it’s always good to bounce ideas and thoughts with fellow likeminded people. That’s why here at the Hub we have our very own ‘TFF Whataspp’ Group and a ‘TFF Slack Channel’. You can sign up to whichever is more preferable to you (or even both) and you won’t have to worry about notifications etc popping off every second as you can mute the groups as you wish and just pop in at any time to discuss whatever you want. We have managers from all different walks of life at the Hub so you can literally discuss TFF at any time of the day/night at your pleasure.

In the Slack Channel, we have different rooms if you want to discuss something off-topic like films or TV, etc. Fantasy Football Hub is not only about providing fantasy football tips but also about creating a friendly community in which we can all help each other. As we have mods across all our slack channels and Whatsapp groups it’s a 100% troll-free zone.

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