For me, like many others, the coming week is the biggest decision let in the season with the wildcard being activated. I’ll be using the algorithm in the prediction tool to select my own team. It should be noted that this has been based before the spread prices are available for GW34 and the prices are a little out of date.

First double GW

As mentioned previously, the Gameweeks in the prediction model are out of sync with the FPL game. To view GW 34, the period start 36 and finish 37 are set (cells C5:C6). With Brighton v Cardiff being the only double fixture, the Brighton players came top for each position:

I will need to account for this if Brighton players don’t naturally get selected. As Brighton players come top in every position, I will be captaining one of their players in GW 34. As Gross has been injured, I will be excluding him going forward.

Initial Wildcard draft

I have a budget of £103m and the bench boost to play in GW 35. My first thought is to select the best 15 for the next two Gameweeks and bank a transfer for the final few matches. In the projection tool, I set the start as 36 and the finish as 39. I order the players by expected points for each position and select the highest scoring players. After excluding Gross, this gives:

A couple of things to note, I have busted my budget by £15m and due to Spurs favourable fixtures have eight of their players.

Meeting the three-club constraint

As I need to remove five Spurs players and knowing finance is a constraint, I look at the expects pts / £m for these weeks. The player that has the biggest benefit in a swap with another player will happen first. Placing these together gives us:

When going from Lloris to Patricio gains 0.1 (pts/£m), Rose to Saiss 0.6, Alli to Knockaert 0.7 (exclude March as not a regular) Kane to Deeney 0.7. Working this through, the three Spurs players to make the cut are Lloris, Trippier and Son. This leaves the overhaul as:

Budget and team constraints are met.

Final tinker:

As the team is under budget, I could look to spend a little on players that are less value for money (bank money scores nothing). I first will go through the team and make any adjustments based on my knowledge of players (my knowledge is limited and contain unconscious biases), as follows:

My wildcard has now been selected valued at £102.7m with £0.3m in the bank with the current line up for the coming week as:


I hope to roll the transfer for the game after I bench boost in GW 35.

How does this compare to your team?



Kane was injured last night in the Champions league, so a revision is required for my squad. This is fairly straight-forward as Aguero was tinkered out for Kane and since Aguero was fit I can bring him back into the team. This does mean that I have four city players. The best changed seems to be D Silva to Eriksen

The Algorithm

If you’d like to play around with the Carl’s algorithm yourself, please use the link below.

The Algorithm – FPL & Sky Prediction & Planning Toolkit


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