The Best Brentford FPL Players 2021/22

The best Brentford FPL players could be essential for balancing your 2021/22 Fantasy Premier League budget. Do the newly promoted side have FPL potential?

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Brentford’s ascendency through the English league system has finally reached a crescendo. The Bees will play in the Premier League next season, and they plan on sticking around.

Brentford are a progressive side. Think Moneyball but with a lot less Brad Pitt and a lot more rain. They place a huge emphasis on stats, data and analytics – often at the expense of more vacuous metrics like eye-tests and hype.

That’s partly because their owner, Matthew Benham, used to be a professional gambler. The life-long Brentford fan is known for doing things differently, as evidenced by his closure of Brentford’s academy team in 2016.

He’s also the majority shareholder of F.C Midtjylland; pioneers of the throw-in and other unconventional methods used to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Brentford’s opening fixtures are a mixed bag. Kind matches against Crystal Palace, Brighton and Aston Villa are nullified by games against Liverpool and Arsenal in their first six ties.

Hewn from the oak of data science, Brentford should be, well, a fantasy for Fantasy Premier League managers. But do they have the players to disrupt the current template?

The Best Brentford FPL Players | Ivan Toney (FOR – £6.5m)

Speaking of the current template, let’s start with Ivan Toney.

Scrolling through the archives of the Englishman’s career, it would be easy to confuse this insatiable goal scorer with Jamie Vardy (£10.5m). Toney’s CV is comprised of teams like Peterborough, Shrewsbury and Scunthorpe. All within the last five years.

Now he finds himself as the most selected forward in FPL at over 35% at the time of writing. I’m sure he’s over the moon.

Let’s be very clear: Toney is far from a one-season wonder. Brentford’s talisman was poached from Peterborough, where he scored 24 goals in 36 League One appearances.

Inevitably, Brentford fans wondered whether he’d be able to recreate those numbers in the Championship.

His response? To better them. 31 goals and 10 assists in 45 Championship appearances illustrated that Toney is not only prolific, but robust as well.

Now FPL managers must ask themselves whether Brentford – and Toney – can thrive in the Premier League. Those same questions were asked of Vardy, too. Remember when he was priced at £6.0m?

What FPL managers may not realise, however, is that Toney has already played in the Premier League. Indeed, he has two FPL points to his name after his stint at Newcastle in the 15/16 season. He was given just 12 minutes to prove himself.

This season he will be given far more minutes. The 25-year-old is brimming with potential and could be a steal at £6.5m.

Who are the Best FPL Mid-Priced Forwards?

The Best Brentford FPL Players | Bryan Mbeumo (MID – £5.5m)

As far as promoted midfielders go, it’s hard to find much better than Bryan Mbeumo. The 21-year-old Frenchman scored eight goals and assisted 10 last season.

It’s an impressive tally for such a young talent, compounded by an even better 19/20 season in which he scored 15 and assisted eight goals. It’s easy to see why @FPL_Salah included him in his list of best budget FPL midfielders this season.

If you’re playing for Brentford, you’re there because the data shows you should be. This should resonate for the data-centric FPL managers among you, and Mbeumo encapsulates this mentality nicely. The Frenchman is yet to have a bad season in his short career.

He’s not a household name yet, but in a Brentford side that have become experts at adapting to their surroundings, there’s every chance he’ll soon be on the tip of every FPL manager’s tongue.

Who are the Best FPL Budget Midfielders?

The Best Brentford FPL Players |  Sergi Canós (MID – £5.5m)

It would be remiss of me to write an article about the best Brentford FPL players and not acknowledge the role that Sergi Canós played in their promotion season.

Released by Norwich during the 16/17 season, Canós has not always been popular amongst Brentford fans. His showing last season, which included nine goals and eight assists, has mostly put to bed any questions about his eligibility in the squad.

He is one of a few budget FPL midfielders in this Brentford side brimming with FPL price-rise potential. He’s also seemingly immune to injury and rotation: featuring in all 46 Championship games last season.

His manager, Thomas Frank, obviously rates the Spaniard. At £5.5m, he could make a useful FPL bench option for managers who want regular game-time from their fifth midfielder.

But in Canós, FPL managers have a player that promises far more than just two points every game. Whilst few are expecting him to light up the league, he offers enough to expect occasional attacking returns.

That’s more than you can say for plenty of £5.5m midfielders.

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Do you Agree?

What are your thoughts? Comment on this article and let me know whether I’ve missed anyone. I’d love to hear who else from Brentford deserves to be on this list!


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