What are Points Hits in FPL 2021/22?

A points hit in FPL is a penalty for using additional transfers beyond your free transfer limit.

If not on a Wildcard or Free Hit, FPL managers are given either one or two free transfers, depending on whether they’ve saved a transfer from the previous Gameweek. Four points are deducted for every transfer taken in excess of those free transfers.

How To Win at FPL – Taking Points Hits in FPL (Part 7)

Can you Undo a Points hit in FPL?

Whilst a confirmed transfer cannot be reversed, it’s still possible to undo points hits in FPL so long as you act before the Gameweek deadline.

To undo points hits in FPL, you’ll need to play either your Wildcard or your Free Hit chip within the same Gameweek.

By playing one of those chips, any previously made transfers are counted as part of that chip, and any hits taken will be erased.


How a points hit will be displayed for FPL managers.

FPL managers will be deducted four points for each additional transfer over their free allocation.

When Does an FPL Points hit Take Effect?

A points hit will be removed from your points total at the start of the Gameweek in question.

For example, let’s imagine you want to take a -4 points hit. It’s Wednesday and the Gameweek 4 deadline is 11:30 on Saturday.

Your four points will be deducted when FPL updates at the Gameweek 4 deadline (11:30).

That means your points won’t be deducted from your total when you make the transfers on Wednesday. Nor will they be deducted from your Gameweek 4 score.

This is why it’s not always obvious that a hit has actually been taken.

Are Points Hits Good in FPL?

Check out our Guide to Points Hits in FPL as part of our How to win at FPL series. It’ll explain whether or not it’s a good idea to take points hits in FPL.

How can you see if Someone Else has Taken a Points hit in FPL?

The easiest way to see if someone else has taken a points hit in FPL is to click on their team and look. Points hits will be displayed next to the number of transfers they’ve made that Gameweek.

The Better FPL Google Chrome extension provides an enhanced mini-league view that will show you whether anyone else in your league has taken hits. This allows you to view the hits taken by multiple teams without clicking on each one individually.

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