What is the Free Hit Chip in FPL?

The Free Hit is one of the most powerful chips you can use in Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Just like a Wildcard, you can make unlimited changes to your squad.

This allows you to avoid point hits that occur from making excessive transfers.

Once you play the Free Hit, you cannot cancel it. Ensure that you’re ready to deviate from your normal team before activating.

FPL Free Hit

The Free Hit and Wildcard are the only chips that can’t be cancelled.

However, there is one key difference between both chips – the transfers only last for one Gameweek on a Free Hit.

If you activate the Free Hit for Gameweek 3, your squad will revert back to how it was before you made those transfers when Gameweek 4 arrives.

How can we Optimise the Free Hit in FPL?

Many top FPL managers like our very own FPL_Salah use the Free Hit to navigate Blank Gameweeks.

A Blank Gameweek in Fantasy Premier League (FPL)  is caused by the rearrangement of fixtures due to other cup competitions.

It is when several teams do not play within a Gameweek so you may struggle to field eleven players in your Fantasy team.

Blanks often occur towards the end of the season when cup competitions are past the quarter-final stage.

There may be a situation where multiple big teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester City all blank within the same Gameweek.

Instead of getting rid of their players and losing some of the best FPL assets, you can just Free Hit them out of your squad and get those players back for the following Gameweek.

These blanks help to form Double Gameweeks in the future. Postponed fixtures will fall under an existing Gameweek so these teams would have two matches within a particular Gameweek as a result.

In the last Premier League campaign, Manchester United got three fixtures within a Gameweek.

FPL Greenwood

Using the Free Hit to maximise Double Gameweeks can be a gamechanger.

This formed the famous Triple Gameweek 35 when FPL managers stocked up on popular United assets such as Luke Shaw, Bruno Fernandes and Mason Greenwood.

Using the Free Hit more aggressively in a Double, or Triple, Gameweek when most other FPL managers play it during a blank could become a popular strategy moving forward.

When are the Blank and Double Gameweeks?

As discussed in the Blank Gameweek Guide, Chelsea are set to have a number of Blank Gameweeks this season following their Champions League triumph.

Thomas Tuchel’s side will enter the Club World Cup at the semi-final stage in December. If they reach the final, they are likely to miss two out of five matches between Gameweeks 16 and 20.

Further fixture rescheduling will take place in Gameweek 30 when the FA Cup reaches the quarter-final stage.

This will cause qualified teams to blank in Gameweek 30 because of the clash between the Premier League and FA Cup.

A smaller Blank Gameweek 33 could be created as a result of the FA Cup semi-finals in April next year.

The Champions League and Europa League schedules mean there are free midweeks to accommodate the blank fixtures in Gameweeks 33 and 36.

As things stand, these Gameweeks appear to be the ideal time to activate the Free Hit but more opportunities will arise throughout the season.

More information on the blanks and doubles will be provided as the season progresses and as results in the other competitions unfold.

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