We have had loads of interest and enquiries about our fantasy football WhatsApp chat groups, so I decided to create a very quick post with all the frequently asked questions.

Who’s in it?

It’s designed for fantasy football enthusiasts to chat all things fantasy football in one place. It’s not an advisory group as such, but everyone helps each other out.

How many people are in each group?

We have different groups with a cap of 50 members. Once one group is filled, we create a new one.

Is it for FPL or Sky?

Both (and obviously separate chat groups). You can enter both Sky and FPL groups if you play both formats.

Who runs it?

I’m in each group, but don’t contribute loads (as I’m in all of them). We also have a group admin that run each group. All our admins have top finishes to their names.

How is it different from the Slack Channel?

Slack is brilliant and designed for our whole community. WhatsApp offers a smaller chat group feel on a platform that we are all familiar with.

How do I sign up and how much does it cost?

This is one of our premium member features. Along with the Whatsapp group you also gain access to tons of members articles, tools, resources and planners (yes, Ben Crellin’s planner as well). You can see the price and a full list of member benefits here.

I’m currently a paying regular member, how do I upgrade?

If you’re currently a regular member, you’ll need to upgrade in order to gain access. I’d recommend going for the yearly option as it works out a lot cheaper (this gives you 12 months access, not just to the end of this season). Your current payment will be included – so you won’t pay this on top of your current plan!

Have another question?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.


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